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  • All these findings are contrary to the postulation of the


    All these findings are contrary to the postulation of the policy makers like National Board for Technical Education (1989), Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (2012), ARCON (2004) and such scholars as Adewale (1999), Sutton (1999), Salingaros (2006) and Jean-Michel (2005); who are of the opinion that student\'s basic knowledge in these two subjects would enhance their performance in architectural studies. The contradiction could be linked to the misconception that sees architecture as being pure science. Though science-based knowledge in architecture is needed to be able to tackle design problems effectively, an architect is also expected to have a set of specific skills that facilitate the application of this ibmx knowledge. As put forward by McGinty (1979), Oluigbo (2005) and Adeyemi (2006), graphical communication skill such as drawing and a variety of other skills associated with model making, printing, photography and graphic arts is needed to effectively communicate his ideas to his clients and other members of construction team. Relying on this current admission policy can therefore lead to a greater number of secondary school leavers that did not have adequate experience in drawing skill gaining admission into the schools of architecture. Consequently, the students spend much time and energy to acquire these skills, thus starving themselves of the quality time required for the acquisition of other relevant knowledge. This will ultimately lead to poor performance.
    Conclusion and recommendations